About the plant

About the plant

      Since 1991, the plant has become a leased enterprise, since December 2000, the Mozyr plant of land reclamation machines has been transformed into OJSC Mozyr Machine-Building Plant. According to the order of the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Belarus No. 642 dated 08.10.2004, JSC "Mozyr Machine-Building Plant" is included in the production association "Minsk Tractor Plant".

     The plant has the area of ​​production and auxiliary shops up to 52510 sq. m.  There are the following industries: foundry, forging, cold stamping, machining, thermal, welding, assembly, protective coatings (electroplating and painting).

   The main types of manufactured products are: loading and transport machines, caterpillar tractors, skidders, chippers, mounting hoists, hydraulic manipulators, mowers, loaders.  Also produced: spare parts, consumer goods, foundry products, tools and equipment.

     During this period of time, the enterprise introduced into production more than 200 types of machines, technical means, dozens of different types of equipment.

    Today, the staff of JSC "Mozyr Machine-Building Plant" is a team of highly qualified specialists, engineering and other workers, in the ranks of which there are more than 700 people. & nbsp;

         OJSC Mozyr Machine-Building Plant is equipped with high-precision and high-tech modern equipment, which allows at this stage to produce high-quality and competitive equipment. The produced model range includes more than 30 models and modifications of various special equipment.

   On August 1, in the State Register of Holdings dated August 1, 2014 No. 82, the MTZ-HOLDING holding was registered. OAO Mozyr Machine-Building Plant became part of the MTZ-HOLDING holding.

   Today, in addition to OJSC MTZ itself, which is the flagship of the mechanical engineering of the Republic of Belarus, which is one of the eight largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery in the world with a share of about 10% of the world market of wheeled tractors, the structure of the holding   includes 10 industrial enterprises located in Belarus .

    Together with MTZ-HOLDING, the Mozyr Machine-Building Plant produces caterpillar tractors, as well as modernized equipment based on BELARUS tractors, these are chippers, front loaders, forestry tractors, forestry loading and transport machines, special assembly lifts, road mowers and other machinery. The range of manufactured cars is growing every year. Forestry and logging equipment today occupies one of the leading places in this list.

    The quality of products manufactured by Mozyr machine builders complies with international folk standards. Reliable design and technological support allows the plant to successfully master new models of manufactured equipment.

The products were awarded with numerous diplomas of various republican and international exhibitions for high quality, a wide range of products, for a high technical level of production. Success in work is facilitated by a modern management structure, constant modernization of existing production facilities, and continuous improvement of products.

        The enterprise monitors the latest achievements of world science and technology, focuses on its consumer.

    The geography of the plant's deliveries includes 18 countries of the world, which indicates the demand for products. Its main consumers are enterprises of Belarus. The equipment is also supplied to Russia, Ukraine, to the markets of Central Asian countries, incl. to the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republic of Uzbekistan and other countries.

      At present, the enterprise has established cooperation with the Finnish company "SAMPO ROSENLEW", which gave the plant a new direction for the development of manufactured equipment, the harvester "BELARUS-SAMRO", which provides maximum care cutting in the forest. The model range of cars produced by the enterprise is growing every year. Forestry and logging equipment occupies one of the leading places in this list.