Customer Service

Customer Service

   Downtime of equipment costs money, nerves and time, therefore the service department of our company makes sure that no matter what, you are provided prompt assistance. Maintenance of equipment manufactured by Mozyr Machine-Building Plant OJSC is carried out by qualified specialists who are well acquainted with the design features of the machines being serviced and are ready to go to the place of operation, or provide advice both by phone and via the Internet.


   In addition, Mozyr Machine-Building Plant OJSC, in order to respond quickly and eliminate downtime for tractors that are part of our equipment, has concluded agreements with 9 service centers, such as:

JSC "Luninetsky rayagroservice", Luninets;

OJSC Kobrinagromash, Kobrin;

OAO Zapadno-Dvinsky mezhrayagroservis, Vitebsk;

JSC "Vitebsk Plant of Tractor Spare Parts", Vitebsk;

Unitary Enterprise "Mostovsky Repair Plant", Mostovsky District;

OJSC Zadneprovsky Mezhrayagroservice, Mogilev;

OJSC "Dzerzhinsky rayagroservice", Dzerzhinsk;

JSC "Mozyragropromsnab", Mozyr.

OJSC "Gomeloblagroservice", Gomel.

   Application forms for applying for warranty repairs, concluding contracts for maintenance and post-warranty repairs, for technical maintenance of equipment:

Sample application forms: