Hydraulic manipulator M80L86

Hydraulic manipulator M80L86

Hydraulic manipulator M80L86


Hydraulic manipulator M80L86 is a development of the classic design of hydraulic manipulators of M75 series manufactured by Mozyr Machine-Building Plant.

Manipulator design has been further developed to improve operational qualities, reliability and ergonomics.

General design features:

-The hydraulic manipulator M80L86 is a development of the M75 series manipulators produced by Mozyr Machine-Building Plant and features by the improved design of the boom equipment, support-turning device, control post and improved hydraulic control valve.

-The basic configuration of the product includes the option of hydraulic outrigger beam extension together with mechanical turning of the outriggers to the transport position (by means of guides). The design of the hydraulic cylinder of outrigger supports extension is radically redesigned in comparison with that used in the M75-05-B manipulator in order to improve the reliability and failure-free operation of this unit.

-The control post design was redesigned to improve ergonomics and work safety, a hood for protection from precipitation is included in the basic equipment. Additional work area lights have been added.

Model                                                                                М80L86     
Location of the work area** Above the fixed beam of the SPM
Load torque, kNm 80
Angle of rotation in the horizontal plane, deg. 390
Horizontal swivel torque, kNm 16
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Number of extension sections, pcs.                                                   2
Maximum outreach, m, not less 8,6
Load capacity at maximum outreach, kg* 900
Load capacity at an outreach of 4m* 1900
Design weight in basic configuration, kg* 2500
Working body Jaw Grip-035
Cross-sectional area of the implement with
the jaw ends closed, m2
Recommended oil tank volume, l, not less 100
Recommended pump capacity, l/min 80